Part 2 – Not My Kid

For two years I contacted employers, private school principals, parent teacher associations, and professional associations in Pinellas County via the internet, USPS, and personal visits distributing thousands of magnets, business cards, wrist bands, and brochures.

Hundreds of follow up phone calls and in person visits begging for five minutes of time to discuss how I could help keep drugs out of our schools, workplaces and our community.   

For over a year I volunteered with a Largo Christian School performing internal and external searches for the possibility of narcotics.  We held lunch and learn sessions with students, and prepared and held mini seminars for parents who did not attend.  

All for free

The typical parent’s feedback was “not my kid” and the school administrators ever concerning “the school would lose enrollment” disturbingly over shadowed community safety. 

Unfortunately no matter what I offered, parents and school administrators really didn’t want to know if their kids or students were doing drugs.  Besides even if it was for free parents “didn’t have the time” and were willing to ignore the statistical data.  Until it happens; then it’s someone else’s fault.       Tampa Teen Becomes A Statistic