Part 1 – Narcotic Detector Dog

As citizens in today’s society we must realize that state, county, and local law enforcement agency are not equipped with the resources to search every School, Home, Office, and Vehicle on a random or for cause basis.  Additionally; Pinellas County School Police Department does not have the resources to search private schools on a random or for cause basis.

Before we continue and just to be clear my husband Cpl Frank Burke is a retired Florida Highway Patrol State Trooper, and I am a former Federal EEO Investigative Analyst for the USPS.  Together as former law enforcement and private investigators licensed in the state of Florida; we have and will always #BackTheBlue.

Accepting the responsibility that comes with being a parent, grandparent and longtime advocate of a grass roots war on drugs I looked for another way to help the community and our clients kick it up a notch.   Based on an earlier career training and showing dogs I began researching drug dogs.  By contacting  the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association I discovered I met the professional qualifications to train and certify.

My dream was to be available 24/7 as a team to randomly search (homes, offices, vehicles and schools) to detect the possibility of narcotics without law enforcement involvement.  By maintaining a random and high profile we could also be a psychological deterrence thereby preventing the possibility of future narcotics on campus.  Now I needed a dog.

It took 6 months and a substantial financial investment to purchase the right dog and another eight weeks to complete the same narcotic detection training the police department K9 teams do.   On July 7, 2014 #Caliberandme tested and certified as a Narcotic Detector Dog Team the same way the police department K9 teams do.

Now I needed to tell the community.   Too Much Time On Their Hands