An estimated 3 million individuals in the United States have serious drug problems.  It is estimated that one in ten employees has a drinking problem; a third of those also use illegal drugs.  Forty five percent of submitted resumes contain false or exaggerated information regarding education, skills and accomplishments. 1 in 20 job applicants falsify their name, social security number or driver license number to hide Criminal Records, Arrests and Convictions.

Employers may be held liable for damages if an employee harms a third party. The law states in part that the employer knew or should have known that the employee posed a threat.  An important element of a Valid Defense for Failure to Exercise Due Care against Negligent Hiring, Negligent Retention, Violence and Drugs in the Workplace begins with Pre-employment Due Diligence.

Background Investigations

Licensed private investigators have access to professional and proprietary software; increasing the depth of our database search. Our Comprehensive Background Investigation Report Reflects Information including but not limited to Criminal Records, Arrests and Convictions, Evictions, Judgments, Accidents, Past Employment, Traffic Citations, and Vehicle Registrations. 

I guarantee our investigative agency offers an infinitely superior product to assist in making the correct hiring decision.

Drug/Alcohol Screening

If drug users know a company makes “being drug-free” a condition of employment, they are more likely to refrain from illegal drug use or to apply for employment elsewhere.  As a licensed investigative agency we are authorized to purchase and facilitate Forensic Oral Swab 9 Panel Drug/Alcohol Tests.   

Our staff can perform Pre-employment drug testing in your facility with immediate and accurate results; decreasing the time it currently takes to on-board new employees.