Support Services

Our professional civil and criminal pre-trial and litigation support services include but are not limited to the following Investigative Services

Thorough Case Review and Preparation

Pre-litigation Criminal Accusation Investigations

Detect and Uncover Discrepancies and Inconsistencies

 Careful Examination of the Crime Scene

Accident Reconstruction

Day & Night Surveillance Operations

 Locate Persons of Interest, Interview and Establish Credibility

Comprehensive Background Investigations, Asset Checks

Criminal/Civil Court Record Searches

 Obtaining Legally Effective Victims/Witnesses Interviews

Detect and Uncover Discrepancies and Inconsistencies

 Professional Preparation, Documentation and Delivery of Court-Ready Evidence

Documented in a Compelling Fashion

Included in our detailed, court-ready investigative report  

Testimony in State and Federal Court to Substantiate our Findings