Criminal Defense

Bay Area Specialized Investigative Consulting Services provides attorneys with important information that may ultimately provide “reasonable doubt” that their client is guilty as charged.  A through investigation may also show the client is not guilty as charged, guilty of a lesser charge or the client’s constitutional rights were violated.

Our strategy and approach entails a meticulous and thorough investigation.  We uncover evidence and obtain complete statements from victims, witnesses, defendants and suspects; as well as detect and uncover discrepancies and inconsistencies during the course of an interview or police reports.

Not only do our investigators have limitless contacts and varied sources of information; we have the experience to develop and connect intervals of time and actions, and the ability to collect, process, identify and classify evidence to support your case.

Our private investigative services are tailored to today’s litigators needs and always meet the highest standards of confidentiality, impartiality, legality and professionalism.