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Frank Burke, President/CEO
Highway Patrol Corporal Senior Traffic Homicide Investigator (727) 431-2282 – basicsfrank@gmail.com I am a retired Senior Traffic Homicide Investigator with 25 years of experience in crash analysis and reconstruction of over 700 traffic vehicular homicides or serious bodily injury cases with 799 hours of applicable education. My vast law enforcement experience is crucial to determine and interpret the necessary statutes and/or policies involved in criminal defense investigations. I have high ethical standards with a complete understanding and working knowledge of the Rules of Evidence and the ability to obtain and preserve evidence that will be admissible at trial. Recognized as an Expert Witness in both Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties; I bring a unique set of transferable skills to our diverse client base. I’ve prepared and conducted on-scene investigations, presented depositions and provided testimony in civil and criminal court cases including but not limited to: Assault and Battery – Vehicular Homicide – Attempted Murder – Manslaughter As President/CEO and Chief Investigator of our full service agency; I contract with private citizens, attorneys, corporations, businesses, insurance companies and organizations to timely serve due process, investigate automobile crashes, insurance fraud and domestic allegations. I assign licensed, private investigators to conduct witness interviews, surveillance, background investigations, audio and video recordings and photographs, compile and review documentation, conclude investigation, create and submit reports. My Affiliations Include Florida Association of State Troopers Florida Association of Licensed Investigators National Council of Investigation & Security Services Police Benevolent Association-Florida Highway Patrol Chapter