Angela’s Blog

On April 14, 2016 I emailed a letter to the Largo Leader Editor, as a follow up to an April 8, 2016 article in the Clearwater Beacon  about one woman’s push for reform to the mental health and substance abuse treatment systems.  I wrote about my commitment to the war against drugs and my efforts to possibly help parents, schools and employers avoid the tragedy associated with substance abuse.  

I also shared that based on past experience I was disheartened at the number of parents, and school principals willing to ignore the statistical data.  11.80% of Eighth Graders, 25.40% of Tenth Graders and 34.90% of Twelfth Graders smoked Marijuana in 2015.  

                                    Marijuana                    Spice                           Alcohol

8th Graders                 11.80%                        3.10%                          21.00%

10th Graders               25.40%                        4.30%                          41.90%

12th Graders               34.90%                        5.20%                          58.20%          

Unfortunately Chris George made the decision not to acknowledge my original letter or follow up communications. In honor of Jennifer Marie Reynolds and in support of her mother’s cause for reform the story on which I based my conclusion will follow in three parts.   Part 1 – Narcotic Detector Dog