Crash Causation Analysis

Determining fault and causation of a crash is what we do.  Believe or not after 25 years of investigating, reviewing and attending traffic crash investigation courses; law enforcement officers can make mistakes especially when making determinations of who is at fault/causation without conducting a thorough investigation.

Most law enforcement officers arrive at a crash scene; take names, insurance and vehicle information and provide the parties involved with a driver exchange of information as provided by law.  Traditionally; the crash is reported and often not investigated.

Insurance companies look at a crash report that was prepared by a law enforcement officer and see (1) who was issued a citation and (2) who was determined to be at fault.  Based on that information an insurance adjuster decides which driver has the major responsibility of causation.

Let our professionals review your crash report, photographs, witness statements and other documents to make sure that a traffic crash investigation was conducted and that it’s not just a report of  filled in boxes. 

Our experienced re-constructionist can detect miscalculations or evident errors; and advise how to proceed with a proper investigation.  This may save you money, points on your driver’s license and/or your freedom from being imprisoned.